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City of Cleburne Sports Complex Rules

  1. Permits Required for Athletic Field Usage; Call 817-645-0949
  2. Pets are not allowed inside the complex or on Athletic Fields
  3. Motorized Vehicles Must Remain on Pavement
  4. Parking is in Designated Areas Only
  5. Golf is Not Permitted
  6. Alcoholic Beverages are prohibited by Ordinance
  7. No Glass Containers allowed in park area or on fields
  8. Please deposit litter in trash receptacles
  9. Children Should be supervised at all times
  10. No Firearms permitted except as authorized by law.
  11. No Smoking/Vaping Allowed; Except in Parking Lots
  12. No Bicycles on Fields
  13. No Climbing on Fences

Cleburne Baseball & Softball Association

The Cleburne Baseball & Softball Association provides flexible rules and incremental levels of competitive play, which are specifically designed for the physical development and safety requirements of each age group. Our league is committed to balanced teams and fair play and to provide a clean, supportive, and competitive atmosphere.

We expect our Coaches, Players, and Fans to adhere to our Code of Conduct at all times.

Baseball/Softball is a great game that teaches life skills. We strongly encourage everyone (parents, coaches, and umpires) to model our mission.

-Each and every kid is our first and only priority.
-We honor and respect the game and the traditions of Baseball/Softball
-We are passionate about teaching the game of Baseball/Softball to ALL the kids
-We teach life skills through healthy competition.  We make it FUN for all.

In everything you do, ask yourself this question:  "Long after the game scores have faded from memory, what will these kids remember?  What will they have taken away from this experience?"